Your Personal Trainers

The MVMT Studio take pride in working with highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers and Instructors. We know that your health is in your hands and our dedicated team are here to guide you towards your specific needs and goals.


Kari Deane
Director / Certified Personal Trainer

Canadian turned Aussie; Adrenalin junkie; Fun-run fanatic; Dog lover.

Kari is the mastermind behind The MVMT Studio, and has been empowering people to live their best life for the last 10 years as a personal trainer.

Her love for health and fitness started from a young age, after trying her hand at an array of different sports. Her softball skills saw her represent Canada, before being scouted to play in New Zealand.

Kari is a dynamic health and fitness coach who practices what she preaches. Running your first 5 kilometre fun-run? She’ll be right there beside you!

Her knowledge and expertise spans across Pre and Post Natal Training, Altitude Training, and Nutrition for Exercise and Sport. She is also an advanced Boxing Fitness Trainer and has completed workshops in BOSU and TRX.

Sessions with Kari are motivating, high energy and fun-filled, and will leave you feeling like a force to be reckoned with. You can expect tips on precise technique, breathing, nutrition, hydration and recovery, lots of positive encouragement, and whole heap of laughs, just to keep those abdominal muscles in check!

Make your next move with Kari and The MVMT Studio. 

Tyson Venables.png

Tyson Venables
Certified Personal Trainer

Avid Yogi; Mindfulness master, at home chef extraordinaire, average surfer.

Tyson is Kari’s left hand man and is running some killer and technique filled classes along with Personal Training sessions at The MVMT Studio.

Tyson Venables is a health and fitness professional, qualified PT, yoga teacher and founder of the Mindful Man Project.

Having worked in wellness for over 10 years Tyson has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and how to help each individual reach their highest potential.

Whether you’re joining him for a PT session, group class or yoga class, Tyson’s approach will see you moving in a functional and strong manner. Pushing the body when it needs to be pushed but also knowing when to hold back and allow the body and mind to rest.

Tyson’s approach to movement is holistic and takes into consideration each individuals needs. He works closely with his clients and students to determine the best programs necessary to help them reach their goals and create healthy sustainable lifestyles.

For more on Tyson and to follow his journey check out his insta: @tysonven

Make your next move with Tyson at The MVMT Studio!